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    The Power of Data Conference

    In Le Royal multifunctional hall in Prague, we ensured the smooth running of a conference with top experts and leading companies about the power of data, the birth of artificial intelligence and robots. In addition to that, we were examined by the first robot psychiatrist in the world (with a questionable result). Photo by: Jan...
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    How to outwit Microsoft PowerPoint on the eve of the event?

    Two tricks how to protect presentations from struggles with displaying on different computers. First, ask your technician to compare the sides of the displaying device (projector) at the event venue. Modify your presentations according to that, and require from other speakers to deliver the supply of presentations accordingly. And the result? Absol...
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    XV. International energy forum

    In the middle of March, we lighted up the International Energy Forum. With 16,000 ASNI lumens and four large LCDs, we made all presentations readable for everyone in the crowded hall. The tandem Sennheiser & L Acoustics took care of the interpretation of the energetic moderator. The right dynamic charge of the event was created...