Videoconferencing, rental of conference equipment

Video conferencing is not just a video call between colleagues who don't sit in one office. Dozens of participants around the world can also have video conferences. They are a modern and increasingly popular and more used way of communication. This saves you time and of course the money needed to travel. However, the preparation of videoconferencing requires some time and technique. You can use your computer monitors, but for larger events you need quality conference technology.

At Economic Service, we have many years of experience in video conferencing. We will lend you the necessary conference technology, but we will also install, connect and put into operation. As standard we offer conference sets for up to 25 people. Prepared videoconferencing packages include lending of videoconferencing set, LED screens, transport in Prague and installation and deinstallation of the equipment. With us, you can do your work and leave the videoconference preparation to us.